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Soul Pancake


Brainstorm Storytelling Show

The one word suggestion from the audience was sushi which led us to talk about weird ethnic food, which reminded me of a story about my weirdo ethnic parents.


Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival

My set was a true story about my first few months living in Spain.


Taped Audition 2017

I’m getting a lot better. This one was 10 pages long and I got a call back.  We also shot it while I was traveling in Scotland. We had been camping, so we didn’t have proper resources like consistent good lighting, a blank wall, good internet connection or a camera. But we got it done. The day before the audition was due, my friends and I booked a hotel. Found great lighting and a blank wall in the shower, shot it with an Iphone and uploaded the video for over an hour.


How to Carry Your Girlfriend’s Purse in Public

Collaborated with another actor in LA. This is the most viewed video that I’ve been a part of, 19,000 views! How did it get there??? Guys really need tips on holding their gf’s purses? I wouldn’t know, -sigh- #foreverlonely.


Car Metics

I’m gonna be name dropping here! I did a video with the ever fashionable Jeannie Mai. She’s on the Real! Her brother, my good friend Daniel Mai, directed it, shot it and included me. Use your resources people :D!


Micflo Rapping

Micflo Performing

Helping out my friend Daniel again! He’s awesome and included me to help out with his company Micflo! I did some tutorial videos to show how this whole thing works. Basically instead of giving and wrapping a gift, this allows you to gift in a whole different way, — hint — you RAP a gift, hollaaaaaa!



There’s a Kickstarter for everything, anything! There’s an app for everything, anything! So why not ANOTHER Kickstarter for ANOTHER app? This was made by my friend Daniel and company. Super fun and super chill.  And we just did it to do it. And to ask for money of course 😉 hah!


A$ap Rocky – Fuckin Problems (1.2.3 music live cover)

I’ve mentioned this video before in a past post, but it deserves to be mentioned again. It’s the most viewed video I’ve ever been a part of and our rendition is bomb dot com yo!



This was filmed because i needed more content and my friends had equipment that I could use.  Looking at you alum rock studio! Also, it was awesome to film in my home town, good old San Jose.  The people who helped out were so down, I literally asked them the day of, including my mom near the end. A local boba shop lent us their location late that night too.  Yay for San Jomies! :]


Dramatic clip #2

Made my own content to show off some dramatic side.  The anger side. Rawr.


Taped audition – Break up scene

I took this as a fun exercise. The more I taped it and watched myself, the more I was able to learn and actually see and hear what was working and what wasn’t.  Showing it to my friends (who don’t really know anything about the industry) allowed me to understand what a general public’s viewpoint would be toward the scene.  Is it believable? Is it not? They will always know which parts don’t work, and although they may not know how to fix it (that’s my job as an actor), their instincts of it being believable or not is usually right on the money.


June 28th, 2013 – Thi Time: Conversations with My Mom Part 4

Last and final part of this segment. My mom gives me tips on my dating life and shares part of her past to illustrate her point. Mom knows best right?

June 21st, 2013 – Thi Time: Conversations with My Mom Part 3

My mom shares her concerns and advice about my unpredictable career …

June 14th, 2013 – Thi Time: Conversations with My Mom Part 2

Yay! second video is up and ready. in this video we discuss the importance of cooking. and at least to her, it is. enjoy!

June 6th, 2013 – Thi time: Conversations with My Mom Part 1

I know it’s been awhile, but here is another segment of Thi Time!  My mom’s an interesting cat and some of our conversations have been memorable to say the least. One of which was the infamous sex talk. Dun dun DUN …


March 29th, 2013 – Thi Time: How to Talk to a Hipster Part 4

Happy Easter Weekend everyone.  I’ll end the month with the last part of the segment where I talk about the places a hipster might like to go.  Yay!

March 22th, 2013 – Thi Time: How to Talk to a Hipster Part 3

Third video is ready! Let’s learn something from hipster culturedom. Whooo.

March 15th, 2013 – Thi Time: How to Talk to a Hipster Part 2

Second video is up! This time I talk about clothes with a hipster. So put on those fake glasses on and learn something 8]

March 8th, 2013 – Thi Time: How to Talk to a Hipster Part 1

First video of another segment with Thi! This time I show you how to talk to a hipster in Spanish! This part’s theme is food. Mmm yummy quinoa.


February 8th, 2013 – Thi Time: Getting Through the First Date Part 4

Fourth video and final part of this segment is here! I teach you how to close the deal with this date, covering the goodbyes and the follow up for that 2nd date 😉

February 1st, 2013- Thi Time: Getting Through the First Date Part 3

Third video is done! This covers what to talk about during the date with topics about your interests to keep you looking interesting 😉 Oh heeeey!

January 25th, 2013- Thi Time: Getting Through the First Date Part 2

Second video is here and ready.  Last time I taught you how to meet and greet in Spanish, Now it’s the suggesting a place to go and ordering in Spanish.  Good luck!

January 19th, 2013- Thi Time: Getting Through the First Date Part 1

This is the first video of my webisode.  Thi Time! It all started when my manager asked me for more videos featuring my skills.  one of my skills is speaking Spanish.  I spent over a year living in Spain, minored in Spanish during my undergrad and went to grad school to get a master in Spanish in Spain.  Now I felt the best way to feature this skill is to do an instructional video.  But to prevent that from getting boring, I tried to use Spanish in themes such as how to get through the first date or how to have a conversation with a hipster, etc.  This video is part 1 of Getting Through the First Date.  It was edited by my friend Daniel.


Dramatic clip …

I’m not all too happy with my performance for this.  I know I could’ve gone bigger (more emotional) and I keep smiling in distress.  I’m like Claire from Modern Family when dealing with a hardship, smiling awkwardly wah wah wah.  However, I do appreciate this video because it allows me to see what I can work on (stop smiling like an idiot in dramatic situations and must be in character consistently instead of resetting with a smile).


Taped Audition Scene 1 & 2



The character was described as uncool and a buzzcool.  Since i am naturally cool, I had no idea what uncool looked like so i googled image “uncool” and pictures of mullets came up. I laughed out loud.



This is my rapper alter ego.  It was fun making it.  Everyone that helped out are friends from work.  We’re not just waiters, bartenders, and restaurant people.  We’re music producers, film producers, dancers, rappers, artists, and dream makers. I hope no one actually gets offended by this video.  Because of my foreigner parents, this video would not have been possible.  Just watch it and have fun.  Thanks!

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