Why Does the Dream Feel So …


:/ I know time is a social construct, but with every passing day as I look at myself in the mirror, lines are getting more defined and my hair is fading color … the dream of getting from the couch to the screen seems even more out of reach than ever.

Why does time matter? I look at younger people with envy and wistfulness. They have their whole lives ahead of them. When did I get so jaded, so discouraged, so insecure?

I’ve been going to a lot of weddings lately. While everyone is pairing off, I’m still single. I’ve been single longer than I’ve been with anyone combined. I’m not saying being with someone will make me happy. If anything, I think I’m more comfortable being on my own. But it’s not because it stems from a desire for solitude, but from a need for protection. I don’t think I’m deserving of anyone just yet.

But Thi, why define yourself by your success or lack thereof? Because that has been my reality my entire life. My mom came here to make something of herself and her kids are a reflection of whether or not she succeeded. If her kids fail, she has failed. As the first born, that pressure is insurmountable and I am left feeling shut down.

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Los Angeles.

I’m here. No excuses now.  Except for my insecurities.  In the mecca of aspiring actors and actresses, I feel like I’m a dime a dozen.  In the mecca of established actors and actresses, I just feel stupid.  What makes me special from the rest?  I know Spanish! Hahah, I guess I’m not really special.  So why keep going?  I saw a quote today and it’s relevant to this entry,

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Because that’s why! I am a firm believer that I will not fail as long as I do not stop. Yes, it’s going to be hard: ton of rejection, little opportunities, and LA traffic. But what’s the use of worrying about what might happen.  Yes, it’s wise to be prepared, but I feel it in myself that I can take it, I can take whatever comes my way until I succeed.  I believe in myself!