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Thi Nguyen (pronounced “T – Win”) is a budding actress committed to booking supporting roles in creative projects. She is fun-loving, witty, down-to-earth and a huge Star Wars fan. She seeks out new experiences everyday to broaden and deepen herself as an actor/writer.

When she was 9 years old, her cousin told her that Han Solo and Indiana Jones, two of her favorite characters ever, were the same person. This revelation blew her mind because it brought to light what she knows now as acting. She is an avid reader and loves good storytelling, whether if it’s through movies, books, television or live. She believes storytelling is a powerful link to one human being to another — regardless of race, religion, sex and background.

Creative projects that she has been a part of are: a play production of Grease in Spanish in Spain, a short film called Cowboy Hat where she worked with a green screen and a Youtube music video, Hands in my Face, in which she wrote based on her experiences as a server. Check out her resume here!

Reel by Daniel Mai


2017 headshots by Leilani Francisco/ mua by Rebecca Rouge

cool headshotcommercial headhshottheatrical headshot

2011 headshots by Audrey Ma

Commercial looks by Vinnie Nguyen









Character looks by Krista Turner

Thi.5x8_5070Thi.5x8_5310IMG_5827_Athletichipster look 1IMG_5680_FormatedIMG_5889_Waitress


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