This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing – written by Finegan Kruckemeyer, directed by Bekkah Walach

March 2018. 

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Storytelling Shows

So in 2015, I took a storytelling class from an awesome teacher, John Flynn (UCB, Nerdist). From that class, I discovered a creative niche that I’m pretty good at. Fortunately for me, storytelling shows have been creeping up and I’ve been making my presence and stories known all over LA.

Through storytelling, I’ve really improved upon my stage presence, confidence and improvisation. Through storytelling, I’ve been able to process my past and share it with an accepting and empathetic audience. Through storytelling, I’m part of a community of vulnerable and funny human beings. Here are some pictures from some of these shows.


Oh Hey Guys – John Flynn’s open mic show at UCB, allowing his storytelling students to flex that storytelling muscle!


Two Truths and a Lie – I was the liar. This is an awesome show where there’s 3 storytellers for each theme and one of them is always a liar. Held at Angel City Brewery, if the audience can guess who the liar is, they get a free beer! Love this show and the creator, Dan Shapiro is awesome. It’s also a podcast, here’s mine!

2017-01-15 21.27.01


Bada Bing Bada Boom – There’s 6 storytellers total, 3 booked, 3 raffle spots. You have 8 minutes to tell your story. The audience gets to vote for their favorite storyteller and the winning storyteller gets a $100!


Brainstorm Storytelling – This show is so cool because as a storyteller, it helps you discover or find a story from your past/experience that you didn’t necessarily think was there! 6 storytellers sit around in a living room set up and from a one word suggestion from an audience member, incites a conversation which would remind us of a possible story to tell on the spot.


The Moth – The most popular open mic story slam show around. 10 names get pulled out of a bag and those 10 names must tell a true 5 minute story on theme. Winner goes to the Grand Slam. Some stories even get feature on their podcast! This show probably started the whole storytelling show trend.


Laugh Riot Grrrl – This was a feminist comedy festival. It was awesome to see so many female comics. A lot of people did stand up, but I still stuck to my storytelling niche and made people laugh. Yay!

laugh girl riot



Reunions Reunions Reunions written by Mattie Brickman and directed by Hunter Adams, February 2016

reunions pic 11reunions pic 3reunions pic 10reunions pic 8reunions pic 6reunions pic 7reunions pic 2reunions pic 4reunions pic 9reunions pic 5


So You Want to be a Vampire written by Marni Troop and directed by Natasha Troop, December 2014

cast photo


monkey butler improv, kingsley kids, 2014






ucla, 2005


cisco systems, 2010

Displaying photo.JPG



Cowboy Hat, supporting, 2010


Vietnamese cultures show, host, 2008


No hay que complicar la felicidad, lead, 2007


Scene from Grease, Greaser, 2007


Spanish Variety show, Cohost, 2007


My Homeland, Supporting, 2006

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