My name is Thi Nguyen, pronounced “T – Win”. I’m an actress committed to booking supporting roles in creative projects. I would consider myself fun-loving, witty, down-to-earth and a huge Star Wars fan.

When I was 9 years old, my cousin told me that Han Solo and Indiana Jones, two of my favorite characters ever, were the same person. This revelation blew my mind because it brought to light what I know now as acting. I am an avid reader and I love good storytelling, whether if it’s through movies, books, television or live. I believe storytelling is a powerful link to one human being to another — regardless of race, religion, sex and background.

However growing up, I found prevalent images of white Caucasian males, consequently my heroes were white Caucasian males, and at such an impressionable age, I grew up wanting to become a white Caucasian man and dismissing my inherent background. One can imagine the disappointment I felt when I realized I would never become a white man and the resentment I felt toward my ethnic background.

Isn’t that dangerous though? As I grow older and Hollywood is becoming a little bit more diverse (albeit slowly), I think it’s important that Hollywood strives to be reflective of the diverse populations of America, so that kids of all shapes and sizes can grow up embracing their ethnic background instead of wanting to become something that is unrealistic. I want to be a part of that reflective image.

Although there aren’t that many roles for a woman, even worse, an ethnic woman, I am still driven to pursue the dream. Instead of waiting for the role that will fit my physical attributes, I have taken the initiative to creating my own content. Check them out here!

This blog* serves as a record of my path toward being a part of a more diverse Hollywood. Here, I will share my triumphs and tribulations so that I may learn from my mistakes and keep track of any personal and professional growth. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

*Interspersed among blog posts are poems and short stories that provided a mental catharsis relevant to what I was going through at that very moment in time.

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