This is a story of a 29 year old woman.

This is a story of a 29 year old woman.

In a week she would turn the dreaded 30.

On Monday, the woman went to her waitressing job and got in an argument with her 24 year old manager.

On Tuesday, the woman went to an audition where the room was filled with people who looked younger, prettier and had more credits on their resume than her.

On Wednesday, her 25 year old booty call broke up with her.

On Thursday, the woman’s mom called her and asked when she was going to marry a rich man.

On Friday, she got 5 invites … 2 to a wedding, 1 bachelorette party, 1 baby shower and 1 housewarming.

On Saturday, the woman checked her bank account. She decided to stay in.

On Sunday, it was her birthday. The woman had a mental breakdown. She turned off her phone, buried herself in her bed and cried all day.

On Monday, she got over it.

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