The flower

No stimulation



She’s numb and passive

Short tempered, reactive

Empty eyes, stifled breaths

All she does is rest

from nothing.

A wilted flower she has become

Her hair droops, her body is curved

Standing in the dark with no one around

Not fulfilled, she stares at the ground.

And then a friend comes

And sees that lonely flower

with dried leaves and missing petals.

That friend approaches, but our protagonist cowers.

Eyes met, no words exchanged

No judgement, just simple impulse

The friend crosses over with outstretched arms

That wrap around her

surround her

and bound her.

And she inhales sharply

She didn’t know she wasn’t breathing.

Her eyes water as tears spring out

All she needed was just a hug she just found out.

She wakes up from this realization

Moves her stiff arms up

Grabs her friend and holds on tight

Life rife with strife, there’s light!

A light from the sun feeds the flower

A warm embrace showers

her with power

as she towers

and gains nourishment to cope

to have hope

to live

and to grow.

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