let's go.

don’t tell me

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i appreciate your concern

i know you don’t want me to fail

i know you don’t want me to suffer, to be broke, to be sad, to be judged, mishandled and derailed

but if one more person tells me to drop what i’m doing

to stop

to quit

to give it all up

i’m gonna say

fuck you.

don’t tell me to quit my dream.

i already know i haven’t progressed

i already know that it hasn’t been easy

you think i’m stupid? you think i don’t know?

the problem is, is that i do know.

i hear you. i do.

i totally see what you see too.

how that one kid has had more momentum in the past 3 months than me in the past 4 years.

how i’m still living in a roach infested apartment, while friends are buying houses

getting married

making babies

making money

while i’m in the dark, with my tears, my fears, my endless queries.

what am i to do?

quit the dream and get a real job?

shut the fuck up.

stop telling me to quit my dream.

make some money.

do acting as a hobby.

no. if it’s a hobby, it’s not a commitment.

it’s my passion.

have some compassion.

leave me the fuck alone!

don’t tell me

i already know.



Author: MsThiNguyen

Thi Nguyen likes Netflix on rainy days, fervent discussions on crime mysteries and anything Star Wars. She is highly inspired to learn from all walks of life and is driven to work with passionate and creative people. Check out her creative process/progress and her videos at

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