Today was my last day at a job I hated. It made me money, but it also made me very unhappy.

It wasn’t flexible. We were so short-staffed. and to help out the team, a lot of us were working doubles (lunch and dinner shifts). This was supposed to be a part-time job for me, to make enough money to survive but to also be flexible enough for me to commit to my acting career, yet I found myself working 40 hours a week.

I have never in my adult life worked 40 hours a week ever (lucky me). and especially for something that wasn’t toward my passion was unbearable.

Something had to change. So I put in my two weeks. During those two weeks, I was stressed out. There were thoughts of, oh my god, I don’t have a job lined up yet. I’m not gonna make as much anymore. am i gonna be ok?  Just yesterday I had less than $100 in my checking account. I was so stressed out that I completely forgot my other commitments. Completely. Had I made a mistake?

And then life gives you signs. Or maybe I was searching, whatever, who cares!  Friends, coworkers, industry people said, “Good for you,” once I told them about my two weeks. I mean why commit to something that doesn’t progress your passion? Why not use that 40 hours for something you DO care about? And so what if I’m not gonna make as much money? I’m gonna be fine … right?

There was a sense of tranquility as I sat on the bus on my way home from work today. Somewhere in my gut, I knew everything was gonna work its way out. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it. But I really am gonna be ok. I know it.

Here’s a pic of my celebratory sundae, rejoicing my FREEDOM.


And don’t worry. I do have two part-time jobs lined up. Both jobs are flexible, thank god, because I have a lot of things coming up toward my acting career. Yay! Below is what to expect from me and please do. You’ll keep me in check 😉

– Currently writing a script with my friend. I write myself in it, he’ll direct it and we’ll both have experience.

– Will write a script for a Vietnamese audience. Again, I write myself in it so I can be in it and maybe be a star in Viet Nam!

– Acting more. I auditioned for a theater group and made their list for guest star roles. SWEET!

– Do some storytelling stand-up.

And finally, I’m not gonna let my fear of not making rent impinged upon my FREEDOM to chase the dream. I got credit cards! #mycreditormycareer

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