How do you keep motivated?

I just got let go from my commercial agent. 😦 Look, this shit happens and even the letter from my agent said it wasn’t personal, but based on my statistics, I’m not getting enough auditions. His efforts of pitching me, submitting me are not resulting to an amount of auditions that are worth it for him anymore. No auditions, no booking, no $$$ for him, so I get it. Oh boy do I get it.

There’s a number factors that can amount to this. The way he’s pitching me, my headshots, when he submits me, what listings are out and what is demanded. So, I understand why he did what he did. But damn, it still stings you know? Being an actor, or trying to be, you’re not only faced with rejection, but what’s worse is when there’s no interest in you at all.

There’s so much out of my control, I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness and I wonder (for the umpteenth time) should I just throw in the towel or keep going?

And if I keep going, how do I do it without constantly feeling like an aging unaccomplished loser? How do I keep motivated?

So this question was asked to actors Edward Norton and Michael Keaton during a q and a session and they said to surround yourself with people who encourage you and believe in you.

While I have a lot of naysayers, I also am fortunate to have ppl that do believe in me.  And in the midst of this temporary angst, I am reminded of what a good friend of mine told me just 2 days ago. This is a shoutout to Mike Blalock. This guy is a genuine guy and as I dropped him off at his place, right before he got out of the car he turned to me and said, “Thi, I know in my heart you’re gonna make it.” I really needed to hear that. Thank you Mike. :]

One thought on “How do you keep motivated?

  1. Perhaps, commercial work isn’t for you. There’s more exciting work (that requires REAL acting) outside of commercials. Take this time to pitch/market yourself the way YOU want to be represented. 🙂

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