Happy birthday to me.

Yes, today is my birthday. And I’m the type of person that doesn’t like making a big deal about my birthday. I don’t list it on Facebook and I don’t really tell anyone unless they ask. I guess it’s a way not to set myself up for disappointment if people forget. But then again, who cares if they forget? I’m no expert on everyone else’s birthday. And why should I be special if everyone has a birthday? What is the big deal about it?

But it is a big deal. Kinda. Somewhat. A little. At least right? Here’s the thing, I get the birthday blues. I don’t know what it is, but in past years, I’ve suffered from this annoying self-indulgent nuisance! I get super sensitive. I hate planning anything and when it’s ones birthday, if you don’t plan anything and if you don’t tell many people it’s your bday, add on that it’s a weekday and your friends are adults with jobs and families of their own, it would be no surprise if no one showed up to your last minute birthday thing. Being fully aware of my self made predicament, I planned something for only myself today. Skydiving. After a rough summer, all I wanted to do was jump out of a plane and fly.

So as the days neared to my birthday, I was getting increasingly excited. Not for my birthday, but for skydiving. Skydiving took away the unwarranted attention and expectations that came along with birthdays.  I found myself telling people about my birthday just so I could tell them I was going skydiving.

So imagine my disappointment when 2 hours before my jump, it got cancelled. BLT strikes again. (Bad luck Thi). Due to high winds in Ventura. Ugh. And inland it’s like 90 degrees with no wind, but who’s keeping track. 😦

I was super bummed. That completely took the air out of my excitement. (I’m still going to skydive later in the month). Now, I really had nothing to do and no one to hang out with! The one thing I wanted to do with myself by myself became not possible. So lame. Yet, I still wanted to treat myself to something. I wanted to do something different, if not skydive, what else?

There’s this place in Pasadena called the Huntington library. I had heard a lot about it, but never had the chance to go. Until today. I got in my car and drove. When I got to the gate, the guard stopped me and asked if I had a reservation. I didn’t. He said it was a free day and you had to have a reservation to come in. I asked if I could just buy a ticket and he said that wasn’t possible for free days. I knew about the free days and the reservations. I also knew they were out of reservations. I was about to use the bday card to get in, but the guard was a step ahead of me and just let me through. Score! Whoo!

The place is known for their various themed gardens.  It’s a perfect place to roam and reflect. However, I couldn’t really get into deep thoughts because I was getting texts, emails and calls from everyone for my birthday! I had a live whatsapp chat with my Spanish family from Spain! They made cookies in my honor, took a picture of it and the youngest told me I could eat it from the photo, all in English might I add ;).  My college friends texted me, my HS friends emailed me. And my actual family called me. I gossiped with my mom and talked about the good wife with my dad. It was awesome!

It’s nice to feel special and I’m not going to play self-deprecating/humble today. It’s my fucking birthday! But as I finally AM reflecting on the last hour of my birthday, a quote from a guy I share my bday with comes to mind: “where there is love, there is life.”  – Mahatma Gandhi yo!

I didn’t need skydiving to make my birthday a success.  I just needed love. And I have it. And I have life! I’m healthy and I’m a strapping 28-year-old young (oxymoron!) lady.  And I’m living the dream. At 28, I finally BOOKED SOMETHING! YAY! And my friends and family are going to see it! It’s a dark comedy about vampires and I play a vampire groupie.  There will also be a splatter zone! And just in time for Halloween! Opening night is on Oct. 24th and it’ll run until Dec. 6th! Friday and Saturday @10:30pm. check out the website here: http://eclecticcompanytheatre.org/?portfolio=so-you-want-to-be-a-vampire

I know it’s not Shakespeare, but dude, we have a splatter zone! Can you tell me if Shakespeare had a splatter zone? Oh no he diiidin’t! Booyah! Here’s to officially being in my late twenties!


One thought on “Happy birthday to me.

  1. Aw happy birthday! For the record, I feel the same exact way. I think it has to do with not liking the center of attention. Also thanks for the tip on Huntington library… Sounds like a blogger’s paradise.

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