Progress Report

Life is weird. Sometimes when it rains it pours, but then other times, when one part of your life is shit, another part is good.  The latter part is true for me right now. On the making rent and having enough money for food, it’s been a struggle.  I’ve interviewed and trained at a number of new restaurants lately, but maybe because I was spoiled at a corporate restaurant (where they have their shit together and there’s a rigid structure to abide by), I have been continuously disappointed by how many restaurants do NOT know what they’re doing.  So, as of right now, I’m restaurant-less.  In addition, maybe that’s a sign to get out of the restaurant industry.  I’m currently living off of unemployment — though I do not intend to for long.  I’ve applied to a non-profit that I have my fingers and toes crossed for.  Wish me luck!

So where there is a lack of abundance of money, I’ve had an abundance of AUDITIONS! Yay!  It’s awesome!  I’ve never had so many auditions around this time in my life! Like I’ve said before, auditions are an accomplishment in themselves.  I haven’t booked anything, but just the whole process of studying the part, the scene, reading between the lines, doing my homework and practicing has made me really ENJOY auditioning.  I’m more confident and comfortable auditioning.  I used to be so nervous and let my nerves shut me down. But now, it’s FUN, it’s weird and it’s a way for me to learn something new.  Last month I had an audition to be a lost Japanese girl in the woods.  My agent called me to assure me that she knew I wasn’t Japanese, but the ppl from the show liked my look and gave me a shot. So to prepare, I watched a YouTube video on the pronunciation of Japanese.  It was really interesting to me, I had fun doing it and I got a callback for it!  I mean who really gets to do this as their occupation?


Speaking of callbacks, I got a callback for a movie in Dallas!  I told them I was down to be a local hire, where if I get the job, I’ll pay for my way there and my own living costs to better my chance of getting the role.  To prove my word, for my callback, I got my cousin to hook me up with his reward miles and fly me to Dallas.  I airbnbed/hosteled it and used Dallas’s public transportation (which is awesome btw) for over a day.  How RANDOM. I met the writers, casting director and the director.  The director and I did the UCLA cheer together! UUUUUU CCCCC LLLLLL AAAAA UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!  I was prepared, did my take on the role and the director said he liked it, but in a surprise tone, as if my take wasn’t what he had envisioned, but was pleasantly surprised when I made the role my own. I didn’t get the part, but I think I made an impression, and if not for this project, perhaps another one in the future.

And finally, I’ve been overwhelmed with the outpour of kindness and support I have received from my friends and my family. I’d be a hot mess if it wasn’t for everyone that has helped me — whether it was covering my tab, or helping me film a scene, treating me out to bingo — I feel loved.  I know that if or when I fall down again, I am surrounded by people who love and care about me. This thought makes me feel stronger and unstoppable. Thank you you guys.  ❤

It’s wedding season and I’m sure this song has been overplayed, but who cares! I love love and it’s really how I feel toward my support system, so here’s john legend YAY 😉

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