let's go.

going native!!!

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i believe that one thing that really differentiates one culture from another is language.  just from my physical appearance, i will always be asian.  since it is impossible to deny this (unless i get plastic surgery) i choose to embrace it. especially the language. i’m not just asian, i’m vietnamese.

as an actor, i utilize myself in my work. my manager wanted me to showcase my language capabilities, thus spawned thi time: conversations with my mom part 1-4. i’m showcasing this now because in three days, i’m going to viet nam, the mother fucking motherland! whoooo! with my mother as well! hahaha and dad too.

it’s not permanent, just a little vacay.  i’m looking at it as more of a retreat, a place for me to reflect, get in touch with my roots, my background and myself.  i’m going native betchessss!!!


Author: MsThiNguyen

Thi Nguyen likes Netflix on rainy days, fervent discussions on crime mysteries and anything Star Wars. She is highly inspired to learn from all walks of life and is driven to work with passionate and creative people. Check out her creative process/progress and her videos at

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