Going native!!!

I believe that one thing that really differentiates one culture from another is language.  Just from my physical appearance, I will always be Asian.  Since it is impossible to deny this (unless i get plastic surgery) I choose to embrace it. Especially the language. I’m not just asian, I’m Vietnamese.

As an actor, I utilize myself in my work. My manager wanted me to showcase my language capabilities, thus spawned Thi Time: conversations with my mom part 1-4. I’m showcasing this now because in three days, I’m going to Viet Nam, the mother fucking motherland! Whoooo! With my mother as well! Hahaha and dad too.

It’s not permanent, just a little vacay.  i’m looking at it as more of a retreat, a place for me to reflect, get in touch with my roots, my background and myself.  I’m going native betchessss!!!

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