Practice Makes Better

So last month, I had an opportunity to do a taped audition.  I had a whole month to do it.  I got started right away.


The first time I shot the audition, I kept messing up the lines, I was distracted, and I was tired from a long day. Sent it off to my manager for feedback.  I was nervous on what he was going to say about it.  Playing worse case scenarios in my head I thought, now he’ll know I’m a fraud and he’ll fire me.  Fortunately for me he said it was good but that I could do better. This was awesome encouragement.


So I taped the audition a second time, this time allowing enough time to tape it, was well rested, and I knew my lines.  The more I went over the scene with my reader, the more I was confident, and the more I was open for adjustments. I asked my reader, who’s also a friend if she could tell me if the scene was believable or not.  Now, she’s not a trained actor, but she’s watches a lot of movies (i.e. the general public).  She was able to tell me which parts worked and which didn’t, and made me realize some things I had taken for granted in the scene (i.e. stage directions).  By the end of the shoot, my takes were getting consistent and I could feel the scene working.  I sent it off to my manager and agent for approval, and again nervously waited for the inevitable: their feedback.  Manager already liked what I was doing, agent said it was awesome, but could use more polish, and asked if I could do it for the third time. Actually my agent even said that it was the best he ever saw from me. Yay!


Alright, third and final time shooting this audition.  At this point I had done at least 20 takes. I had my lines down cold. Knew them so well, that I would answer before my reader even finished her line. As if I already knew what she was going to say. -_- My reader actually pointed that out, and I easily fixed that problem.  Again, my takes were consistent and I was feeling much more confident with the material and myself.  I made bolder choices and stood by them.  I went balls to the wall! Sent it in to my manager and agent and got it approved. Finally!

During this whole process, I was reminded that practice makes better.  Duh. But I also discovered that with other people’s encouragement, it motivated me to be better and actually become better.  I was more confident and more open to their suggestions.  Consequently, then I’m more apt to share my work to others, opening myself up for more encouragement and suggestions. It’s an awesome cycle that I find myself a part of. Thus, here is the taped audition:


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