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find a hobby.

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sometimes this whole business can get me down. so instead of being sad about it, i hang out with my friends and this is what we do.

A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems (1.2.3.MUSIC Live Cover)

DISCLAIMER: We’ve kept the original artists’ lyrics and they are VULGAR! Like most of our generation, we grew up loving hip-hop music while still feeling very uncomfortable with the choices of words often used in the songs. We would never ever use language like this in any other context – we were merely trying to preserve the original song as it was written.

Vocals – Emily Randall, Jaemin Yi
Guitar – Liam Humble
Flute – Thi Nguyen
DJ – Gabe


Author: MsThiNguyen

Thi Nguyen likes Netflix on rainy days, fervent discussions on crime mysteries and anything Star Wars. She is highly inspired to learn from all walks of life and is driven to work with passionate and creative people. Check out her creative process/progress and her videos at

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