So today in acting class, my teacher went over the basics of her method (it’s a good reminder).  She teaches intentional acting where you analyze the scene and the characters through a series of a questions.  (Btw I adore her, she’s Loren Chadima, if you’re ever interested).  There are 9 questions, but I’m only going over the first part of the first question: what is the relationship?  This question deals with the relationship between the two characters of the scene.

What I love about my teacher’s method is that it allows me to take the attention away from myself and onto my partner, whether it’s my scene partner or even the reader in the audition room, it allows me to ultimately make a connection.  And that’s what it’s all about.

Making a connection.  Having that chemistry.  When we watch a movie, when a scene works, often people will say, ‘wow they had great chemistry’.  You can’t fake chemistry, so to make a connection is something very special.

I guess that is why I strive to nurture and make full the connections I already have.  I rather spend time and energy with my friends and family than network and shake hands (which could be my demise in this business – another ironic thing at that).  But at the same time, I love acting because if I’m able to make a connection with a reader I just met a few seconds ago, then we had that something special.  Not only that, but acting allows me to understand a connection between two characters of a story and perhaps feel that connection and even be a part of it.

How powerful is that?  Connection is a beautiful thing.  In the book, “into the wild” by Jon Krakauer, there’s a lovely quote that says, “happiness [is] only real when shared.” although happiness is a personal state of elation, an object of subjectivity, for me personally, I am most happy when I’m having a moment with someone.  When we see that chemistry on screen, something so intangible surpass something so literal as a movie or TV screen, does it not glow or resonate?  Is it not felt and shared by everyone who sees it? Hmmm?


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