Alright so lately I’ve been auditioning, auditioning for really cool projects.  The links to the taped audition are above.  Also both videos are included in the video page.  It’s about this teen that lives in the moment.  The character I went up for is an uptight uber uncool buzz kill 18 year old.  Her name is Krystal and I had to tape this audition and send it to the casting directors.  My friend Liam was the cameraman and reader.  We shot it with a flip cam (good quality right?) and I asked my friend Royce to help me pick out the good takes.  I directed my friend Liam to be a reader, not an actor so that he wouldn’t overshadow me with his voice.  Also, though the scenes are literally about 2 minutes long combined, it took us about 4 hours to shoot: set up, lighting, looking over what takes we liked, shoot with glasses no glasses, being in the moment, etc.  Though I got to choose my best takes, it’s always better to do a live audition than a tape one because you can form a relationship or rapport with the casting director.  Now, it was an accomplishment just to get the audition.  This scene was shot two weeks ago and so far I haven’t heard anything so I can safely assume I didn’t get a callback.

Note about auditions: it’s like buying a ticket to the lottery.  Yes you have that chance, but to win the lottery (to get the part) would be a miracle.

I actually had an audition for the pink power ranger (they do new rangers every so often) and though I didn’t get it, it was such a surreal experience.  I was such a fan of power rangers growing up and it was cool to see that they were open to other ethnicities to play the pink ranger (not like yellow ranger to be played by an Asian and black ranger to be played by a black person).   Even in the waiting room for that audition, there were so many different type of girls, blonds, redheads, Asian, white, Latinas, so it was hard to gauge what the casting director wanted.  To be honest, I doubt the casting director knew what she wanted until the right person was in front of her and she would just feel it.  So this whole process is so subjective, that all you can do is do your best and hope that one day that same casting director remembers you for another appropriate role to your essence.

Thus, I never really think about my audition after the audition.  (It would kill me with anxiety just thinking of all the little mistakes I did, or the choices I could’ve would’ve made, blah blah blah).  Usually when auditioning and you’re in the room with the casting director, it would literally take about 5 minutes top.  You stand on your mark, you slate your name, and you read with the casting director while their associates film you.

I’m including this taped audition in this post so you guys can get an idea of what the whole process is kinda like.  Don’t feel sad for me that I didn’t get the part, the video was fun to make and I had a good time scrutinizing my fat cheeks (I will probably never get over that).  It’s the game and I just gotta roll with it.  And to be honest, the fact I’m auditioning for fun things is making life pretty good.  I’m just so grateful.  Los Angeles isn’t that big old beast I thought it was before coming here.  I actually am enjoying myself very much because I’m actually doing the thing I set out to do. :]


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