The Power of Vulnerability

So lately I’ve been on a TED binge.  TED is a global set of conferences that defines its mission as “ideas worth spreading.”  There’s a bunch of free lectures online from the conferences.  The lectures cover a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture.  I saw a lecture about love and the brain, another one about a headset that allows you to move virtual things by thinking about it, even one about this guy who designs book covers including the Jurassic Park one.

Anyways, the video above is a lecture by Brene Brown, a vulnerability researcher, talking about “the power of vulnerability”.  I’ve included this video because I feel what she has to say makes a lot of sense to being a great actor.  I feel to be a great actor, one must be able to embrace vulnerability.  Be willing to let go of what society or others think you’re supposed to be and just be.  Be self-aware, be empathetic and connect with others.

I’ve heard a lot of casting directors and industry experts say that you must be your authentic self because what else would make you stand out from the other bajillion actors?  They always say to “play your look and be yourself”.  Also, actors must live truthfully in imaginary circumstances.  So if you’re not your true self in real circumstances, how can you expect to be real in imaginary ones?  And finally, the very meaning of empathy, “the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another,” is a core requirement to even begin to act and portray such identifications.

All in all, Brene Brown is the shit.

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