Thank You Universe

Thank you universe.  Today was my first paid gig in LA.  It was a print ad.  Super easy and super quick.  There was no audition because they picked me out from my headshot (mad props to my headshot photographer).  The client was looking for a person that was “warm” and my headshot resonated that :]  Thanks to my manager who got me the job.  Thanks to the people that were there, so nice and friendly.  The ad called for an Asian family, and my “mom” gave me helpful tips in the industry.  The makeup artist was super sweet too and told me I didn’t need Okcupid to find a guy.  The photographer and his team used words like “adorbs” and “totes” in which I replied with “swag.”  Hahahah ooh and we got Pollo Loco afterwards yummy delicious!  I really mean it when I say thank you universe.

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