I’m in a rut so let’s indulge.

Lately I haven’t been really doing anything towards my acting career.  Outside of classes and networking, there’s a lot of down time.  A lot.  So what do I do?  I indulge in anything creative: books, movies, music, art.

A couple of weeks ago, went to LACMA and really enjoyed the “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” exhibit.  It was really empowering to see women reflect their personal experiences into tangible works of art sharing their struggles, their opinions, and their ideas.  I have to admit though, surrealism creeps me out.

Recently I’ve been watching documentaries on Netflix, honorary mentions include “Being Elmo,” “Afghan Star,” and “Herb and Dorothy.”  All were about people that were passionate about something and really materialized their passion into a reality, despite financial struggles and criticism.  Super inspiring.  They never had a set plan, they just did their thang.

This past week, went to my first book club meeting ever.  It was sooo exciting and fun.  I just ordered my copy of the book for next month’s meeting on amazon.  We’re reading the 50 shades of grey.  We actually talked about books and I got to vent about weak women protagonist such as Bella Swan and the sorry ass 7th harry potter book.  Sorry JK Rowling, you took on too much and made harry potter to be a born again saint.  Literally.

And finally, next week, I will indulge in music.  Coachella hella hella hella norcal! Loyal to my soil.  Bay area! Whoooot!

Life isn’t so bad 🙂



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