Little Update

So today I signed with another agency.  Actually to backtrack a little, I signed with the manger a few weeks ago, and he connected me with this agency.  I had a meeting with this agency and they seem cool, so I’m represented across the board with them (commercial, print, and theatrical).  It’s a good thing because I don’t have much credits on my resume.  How am I feeling?  Anxious apprehensive. It’s weird though.  The first time around when getting an agent in la, I was super excited/nervous, went in, did my monologue with gusto, and the agent said I wasn’t good and needed to be like Meryl Streep.  In hindsight, I had no chance if he was going to compare me to her.  And that’s why it didn’t work out with the old agency.  They never sent me out on anything, and when I finally got an audition, it was for a Disney mom.  They didn’t understand my look, my brand, or me.  My manager was the one that told me to boot him and to go with his connection, thus leads me to today’s agency.  Let’s hope I get more auditions.  More auditions leads to more bookings which leads to more credits which will ultimately lead to superstardom. Whoot whoot fingers crossed.  Let’s go.


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