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REEL talk! so i had a meeting with a potential manager.  a manager is someone that sets your brand and pitches you to an audience that can/will understand your image.  anyways he told me to make a reel.  and since i didn’t have anything to do today, i went home and finally looked at some of the stuff i’ve done in the past and made it into a montage of thi nguyen’s greatest work.  i actually hate looking at myself on the screen.  i have fat cheeks -_- but i had to get over it and get this done, which i did.  enjoy!


Author: MsThiNguyen

Thi Nguyen likes Netflix on rainy days, fervent discussions on crime mysteries and anything Star Wars. She is highly inspired to learn from all walks of life and is driven to work with passionate and creative people. Check out her creative process/progress and her videos at

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