New Year New Everything

Heeey, I know it’s’ been a short while but I’m still here.  I finally got my headshots yay! Just go to the headshot page and you can check them out.  My wavy hair was done by a friend in SF (her tumblr is:  I naturally have slippery straight Asian hair, but Natasha really put in the volume and gave it a life.  She’s great and really knows what she’s doing.  Photos and makeup done by my gorgeous friend, Audrey Ma.  It was really good to take pictures with a friend that knows photography rather than a professional that’s a stranger because Audrey knew me and knew how to show my personality through the photos.  She really helped me out in trying to find my “type” or “look” so that I can really set up my brand.   And it was super chill.  We just shot them around her place.  I’m super excited to mass produce them and put them on business cards as well.  And that’s it really.  It’s a business. I’m not only the product I have to sell, but I have to figure out how to market and sell me.  God, that makes me sound cheap, but it is what it is and I’m down.  Let’s go!

Next stop is to find an agent.  Apparently, I don’t go out on auditions enough.  On average, I should be going out at least once a week for commercials.  My current agent right now has sent me out once in the past three months.  No bueno! And they sent me out for a role that is sooo not me nor my look.  I was sent out to be a “Disney mom” for a print ad.  As if I look like a mom! Obviously my agent doesn’t know me, and since I’m the boss of my company, I need to have people that not only understand the product but know how to sell the product too.

And of course, I still have to work on the craft.  Still going to classes and taking free classes on the business of acting as well.  When opportunity comes, I have to be ready and own it too.

Finally, I have to have faith.  Everything will be alright in the end. Right? Hahaa


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