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it doesn’t happen overnight

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i have to constantly remind myself this because with so many frustrations mounting up, i sometimes want to throw in the towel.  actually not sometimes.  all the time! word around town is that my agent doesn’t do anything, and duh he hasn’t been doing anything.  i need new headshots because i look like i work for disney.  it’s not the image i’m going for.  i don’t want people to perceive me as a disney actor, but rather a serious young adult. once i get new headshots, i’ll have to hustle again for another agent. i feel i’m not getting any better with improv and the last class is this coming tuesday where we’ll find out if we pass or not.  if i pass or not, i still have to put down hella money for classes to improve.  money that i don’t have because i’m broke ass, and with the holidays rolling around, how can i afford gifts for the people i care about? how do i make money as an actor when i don’t go on any auditions? how do i keep myself available for auditions, if i’m caught up working at the restaurant? ugggghhhhh!!! it doesn’t happen overnight! it doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen overnight!  i must persevere.  i must.


Author: MsThiNguyen

Thi Nguyen likes Netflix on rainy days, fervent discussions on crime mysteries and anything Star Wars. She is highly inspired to learn from all walks of life and is driven to work with passionate and creative people. Check out her creative process/progress and her videos at

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