It doesn’t happen overnight

I have to constantly remind myself this because with so many frustrations mounting up, I sometimes want to throw in the towel.  Actually not sometimes.  All the time! Word around town is that my agent doesn’t do anything, and duh he hasn’t been doing anything.  I need new headshots because I look like I work for Disney.  It’s not the image I’m going for.  I don’t want people to perceive me as a Disney actor, but rather a serious young adult. Once I get new headshots, I’ll have to hustle again for another agent. I feel I’m not getting any better with improv and the last class is this coming Tuesday where we’ll find out if we pass or not.  If I pass or not, I still have to put down hella money for classes to improve.  Money that I don’t have because I’m broke ass, and with the holidays rolling around, how can I afford gifts for the people I care about? How do I make money as an actor when I don’t go on any auditions? How do I keep myself available for auditions, if I’m caught up working at the restaurant? Ugggghhhhh!!! It doesn’t happen overnight! It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen overnight!  I must persevere.  I must.


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