The Plan

So hanging out with a friend yesterday and he asks me, so what’s the plan? What is the plan? Did I just come out here to be discovered? No, of course not.  This is my to-do list (and yes, in a particular order):

1.  Get a haircut (my hair’s shaggy and my layers are gone. it’s long overdue)

2. Update my headshots (because of my new haircut and style -I recently got a perm- and also it’s good to have multiple head shots, my last one was 2 years ago)

3. Update resume (revamp it and add this website)

4. Buy the Ross reports at Sam French (essentially this is the list of agencies in town, I’m going to mass spam them with my updated headshot and resume)

5. Email contacts and leads of possible agents and friends

6. Network network network (friends of friends that know people)

7. Take a class (whether it’s improv or the Meisner method, must work on the craft)

What have I done?  Well for starters, I’ve registered for la casting which is basically craigslist for actors.  There are a lot of reality shows and music video castings on there, but once in awhile there are some good opportunities – i.e. character pieces for a student film, so you never know.  What’s so bad about reality shows and music video? Nothing really, they’re just not for me. I don’t want to be a reality star nor a YouTube sensation, I want to be a serious actor.  Reality usually requires a certain personality. I don’t want to be a personality or a celebrity, I want to dress up and play interesting characters.  What about music videos?  A lot of the time, casting for music videos asks for hot sexy women … what’s wrong with that? Listen, I’m grateful for my mass comm degree for this reason: I know how to market myself. Even if I were to believe in myself that I am hot and sexy, other people might not believe that.  I’m not believable as the seductress vixen and I’m ok with that.  Look, I know being an actor you have to versatile, but honestly if the audience doesn’t buy it, it’s not working.  I’m marketable as the girl next-door type, nerdy dorky best friend. I’m 25 but I look like I’m 16. I have long limbs and walk on my toes. I’m an awkward teenager.  If I can get roles like these and pull them off, I’ve won the audience.  Once I’ve won the audience, what next? I have two options: either let myself be typecast, or find challenging roles that allow me to showcase my versatility as an actress.  Look at Adam Sandler.  For years, he played the funny guy, obnoxious loud frat goof guy.  He played it well and people liked him for it. And then he did Punch Drunk Love.  Forget about type casting.

Lastly, I’ve started this tumblr. Through it, I can keep track of my progress (or lack thereof, god forbid it). I can keep tabs on myself.  Other people can monitor me (assuming that they read this blog).  I can set up goals and see by the end of the given time period if it has been accomplished.  And that’s it really if you think about it.  I’m not gonna be a superstar overnight, it’s such a broad concept, how does one make a to-do list for it?  By being specific.  By deciding on a specific goal within a specific time frame, accomplish it and then move on to the next one. After a bunch of these little specific accomplishments, maybe one day I’ll get there. So, what’s the first foreseeable goal? To get an agent by the end of the year. Wish me luck!



To Be Asian or To Just Happen to Be Asian?

So I know I said I would explain my position on being Asian and I guess this time is as good as any.  Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and when I told him what I wanted to do, he said, “What happens if you fail? There’s not that many Asian roles out there.” Now this kind of comment really bothers me and I’ll tell you why. For one thing, like I said before, I won’t fail unless I quit.  So if you were to pose that question to me, you’re assuming that quitting is a possibility for me. And it’s not.  I’m in Los Angeles, no excuses.

Now the whole Asian comment, I actually hear that a lot. The thing is, I’m not looking for roles to “be Asian”.  I’m not looking for roles that call out for an ethnic look or has an Asian accent.  I don’t know martial arts, and I’m far from being the graceful grasshopper or whatever it is that society has perceived to be “Asian”.  I just want a quirky role where if i were to play her, she just so happens to be Asian (because I’m Asian).  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I rather get a role based on my talent, based on the certain choices I make for that particular character, rather than for just being Asian.

That being said, I feel that the roles people would only believe me to be are the Asian stereotypes that exist in movies.  Before it used to be the shy fobby wallflower, or the exotic seductress, or even the martial artist, but now it’s the crazy ass Asian bitch.  In the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, the Asian character Knives Chau, was bat crazy.  It bothered me that in order for her to win back Scott Pilgrim’s love, she felt the need to become the white girl, Ramona.  She changed her hair color, her clothes, to not only emulate the white girl, but to become her. Why? to be cool, to be loved, you have to be white?

Why can’t we find strong women characters in film that just so happens to be portrayed by Asian American women?  I’ve seen a lot of casting notes where the lead role asks for Caucasians, while the background is filled with “ethnic people”. Maybe it’s not time yet, maybe there aren’t that many good actresses that so happen to be Asian, I dunno.  But i hope for a change.  And perhaps be a part of that change one day too.

Los Angeles.

I’m here. No excuses now.  Except for my insecurities.  In the mecca of aspiring actors and actresses, I feel like I’m a dime a dozen.  In the mecca of established actors and actresses, I just feel stupid.  What makes me special from the rest?  I know Spanish! Hahah, I guess I’m not really special.  So why keep going?  I saw a quote today and it’s relevant to this entry,

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Because that’s why! I am a firm believer that I will not fail as long as I do not stop. Yes, it’s going to be hard: ton of rejection, little opportunities, and LA traffic. But what’s the use of worrying about what might happen.  Yes, it’s wise to be prepared, but I feel it in myself that I can take it, I can take whatever comes my way until I succeed.  I believe in myself!