I Didn’t Win the Lottery

Oh dear, it’s already a new year.  Well as ominous as it sounds, I’m excited.  I’m going to la this year.  I’m gonna work it.  I’m gonna make it!  2010 didn’t end so bad.  I came home from work New Year eve’s and there was mail on my bed.  I had gotten PAID! my only gig, after 10 months with my agent, finally paid me.  It was legit.  The gig was a photo shoot for a techy company in the bay area, shots for their website.  It was a fun shoot.  They had a wardrobe person, onsite and off site make up artist, the works.  Basically I got to dress up in business casual attire, pose, smile, eat, and be merry for five hours.  Got to play with a cell phone, flip cam, and a portable screen where you can kinda have a conference call anywhere.  It was great! there were 4 of us “talent” and there was a happy hour scene where we’re drinking and playing with the flip cam.  Unfortunately I couldn’t drink because I have Asian glow fo sho, so they gave me Perigrino instead, while the other guys drank wine.  But as soon as they got the shot, I took a glass of champagne.  Immediately after the director asks us to do another scene, and I turn flush (because of the alcohol, not because of another scene).  Hehehe.  If you don’t know, most Asians lack an enzyme that breaks down the alcohol, so they turn tomato.  It’s really an allergic reaction.  And whenever I drink, no matter how little or lot, I turn bright red, even my eyes turn red.  So it was funny, because for the last scene, we’re playing billiards, having a good time and the on site make up artist is constantly powdering me up because my face was just on fire.  Needless to say, good shoot, good day, good end to 2010.

I have a lot of hope riding on 2011.  I remember my audition for this project.  It was actually a call for “university students”, so I came in wearing a university sweatshirt.  I was wearing a university of San Francisco hoodie and I come in and the guy says, “Ohhh wearing your alma mater”.  I respond saying, “oh no, it’s my sister’s.  She goes to San Francisco state.” (different school from the one on my sweatshirt).  The director notices this and points it out.  I laugh awkwardly and say, “well hah, it isn’t mine.”  Anyways, there’s a point.  The director says to me afterwards, “you look funny.”  excuse me? “There’s something funny about you, you could be a in a sitcom or something.”  And I will! Even during the shoot, the director reminded me of what he said during my audition and validated it, saying he really believed this.  I think this is a good enough push/encouragement to drive me for the dream.  Somebody believes in me! Of course my friends and family believe in me, but they have to.  This guy saw me for literally 5 minutes and immediately saw something in me.  Enough to not only hire me for the shoot, but to really let me know that I “look funny”.  Hahahah!


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